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Halogen Light Bulb

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Auto Express Bulb Test 2005 Road Safety Awards


Auto Express Bulb Test, one of the UK's leading weekly automotive magazines, ran a test using upgrade halogen and xenon auto bulbs from all the major manufacturers. The highlights of this test are outlined below.

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50% more light category


5 Star Award - Osram Silverstar

Halogen Light Bulb  Silverstar

Best Buy Award - Beam: 96.9m

"The flagship bulb in the Osram range, the Silverstar's 75m figure was only a fraction better than that of arch-rival Philips, but it performed significantly better at 50m. Add a price advantage, and the Osram's plus 50% is our Best Buy."

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4 Star Award - Philips VisionPlus

Halogen Light Bulb VisionPlus

Recommended Award - Beam: 95.1m


"Philips top-of-the-range option is a superb bulb which performed comfortably ahead of the plus 30% premium versions. You just cannot ignore the performance, which is why the Vision Plus merits our Recommended award."

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Halogen Light Bulb

Blue 'HID Effect' category


5 Star Award - Philips BlueVision

Halogen Light Bulb BlueVision

Winner - Beam: 78m


"Among the blue bulbs, Philips Blue Vision does well, as it uses the Premium's +30% technology. Despite a lower light output than some other bulbs, it was a shade better at 75m."

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4 Star Award - Osram Cool Blue
Halogen Light Bulb CoolBlue

4 Star award - Beam 77.9m

"Good 50m results kept Osram's blue bulb on par with Philips, which was stronger down the road. Osram uses 50% technology here which shows how much light the coating robs. But the beam is noticeably white."

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Halogen Light Bulb