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Blue Xenon Bulbs

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Blue Xenon Bulbs are increasing in popularity. Their blue xenon tint imitates the light caused by expensive HID systems so your car stands out from the crowd. Using both Halogen and xenon gas these bulbs give a bright light giving your headlamps an executive look.

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Philips BlueVision

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the stylish looks of brilliant white daylight

Philips BlueVision

Philips Automotive Lighting creates active safety technologies that are designed to illuminate your car, secure your road, and enlighten your world. Interweaving technical innovation with a genuine concern for the safety and driving comfort of those drivers who benefit from their products, Philips BlueVision lamps bring the driving benefits (and stylish looks) of brilliant white daylight to all cars equipped with Halogen lamps.

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Philips BlueVision lamps offer:

  • A longer lasting blue light.
  • Drivers would love to drive in daylight 24 hours a day, BlueVision gives off a daylight effect to help you achieve this.
  • The whitest light ('brilliant white daylight') at (up to) 4000° Kelvin.

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  • The brilliant white daylight produced by BlueVision lamps enhances road-sign and roadmarking reflections.
  • The task of driving at night suddenly becomes a pleasure as drivers are less tired and able to better anticipate all driving challenges.
  • The same high quality and excellent beam performance found throughout the entire range of Philips Automotive lamps.
  • BlueVision turns night into day and gives your car an executive look.
  • Active safety stylish looks of brilliant white daylight at up to 4000°Kelvin.


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Blue Xenon Bulbs

Osram Cool Blue

Blue Xenon Bulbs coolblue


The COOL BLUE family of lights for the trendsetter type.

Do you want to see clearly and take advantage of a modern, blue-white light that is easier on the eyes? The sensational Asram Cool Blue range of lamps is your best choice.

Coolness with style
The striking blue light has up to 20% more luminance for added safety on the road and a more relaxed atmosphere behind the wheel. Osram Cool Blue products are easy to install and approved for unrestricted use throughout Europe. Rarely has a new trend had such a positive effect on traffic safety.

  • Modern blue-white light (up to 4000 Kelvin, similar to Xenon HID lights)
  • Up to 20% more light compared to standard lamps
  • Advanced design with silver cap (H7/H4), ideal for use in clear glass headlights
  • Meets the strict quality requirements of German car manufacturers

Osram CoolBlue Bulbs can be purchased below in a range of bulb sizes, simply choose your bulb from the options below and 'add to cart' using the buttons on the right.

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Blue Xenon Bulbs

Bosch Cobalt Blue

Blue Xenon Bulbs bosch

Bosch Cobalt Blue Bulbs With FREE Sidelight Bulbs

Now with FREE Bosch sidelight bulbs, the Bosch Cobalt Blue upgrade bulbs offer the distinct xenon HID light look with a subtle hint of blue.

The Bosch Cobalt Blue headlight bulb replicates the xenon HID High Intensity Gas Discharge System fitted as standard to more and more of today's prestige and performance cars.

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These lamps recreate daylight driving conditions at night therefore contributing to safety and performance.

These head light bulbs are also EC37 approved for use in Europe and are completely interchangeable with existing lamps. Most car headlamp bulb sizes are available including: H1, H4 and H7.

Cobalt Blue headlight bulbs are also ideal for Motorbikes giving a distinctive look on the road, making you stand out from the crowd

These headlight bulbs are sold in a pack of 2 with FREE sidelights.

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Blue Xenon Bulbs

Classic Cool Blue

Cool Blue Xenon Bulbs

30% more light with a stylish blue tint

Classic Cool Blue Bulbs offer up to 30% more light than that of a standard upgrade bulbs, they also cast a blue tinted light giving the appearence of an expensive HID system.

Key benefits include:


Classic Cool Blue Bulbs use Xenon gas to replicate the effect of expensive HID kits. These bulbs have a blue tint making your car stand out from the crowd.

Safer Driving

Classic Cool Blue Bulbs cast up to 30% more light onto the road, this enables drivers to see further and this makes driving at night and in poor conditions a much safer experience. Classic Cool Blue Bulbs increase the viewing distance therfore giving you more time to react, You can imagine what kind of advantage this would give you when facing difficult situations.

Legal and Easy to Fit

We take great pride in out own brand and therefore they all carry the European mark of quality (the E mark). This means that it meets ECE Regulation 37, a stringent set of procedures ensuring quality manufacture. Another benefit of Classic Super Whites is that there is no need for additional wiring, simply replace your existing bulbs and see the instant improvement!

Value for Money

You can be assured that our bulbs are manufactured to the highest quality and are used by many major garages and car manufacturers. We are proud to offer them to our customers at a very reasonable price.

All of our bulbs are made to highly monitored European standards so you can have peace of mind that you are using only the best products for your car.

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