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30% more light with a stylish blue tint

Blue Headlight Bulbs from Classic offer up to 30% additional light than that of a standard upgrade bulb, they also cast a blue tinted light giving the appearence of an expensive HID system.

Key benefits include:


Blue Headlight Bulbs from Classic use Xenon gas to replicate the effect of expensive HID kits. These bulbs have a blue tint making your car stand out from the crowd.

Safer Driving

Classic Blue Headlight Bulbs cast up to 30% more light onto the road, this enables drivers to see further and this makes driving at night and in poor conditions a much safer experience. Classic Cool Blue Bulbs increase the viewing distance therfore giving you more time to react, You can imagine what kind of advantage this would give you when facing difficult situations.

Legal and Easy to Fit

We take great pride in out own brand and therefore they all carry the Eurpean mark of quality (the E mark). This means that it meets ECE Regulation 37, a stringent set of procedures ensuring quality manufacture. Another benefit of Blue Headlight Bulbs is there is no need for additional wiring, simply replace your existing bulbs and see the instant improvement!

Value for Money

You can be assured that our bulbs are manufactured to the highest quality and are used by many major garages and car manufacturers. We are proud to offer them to our customers at a very reasonable price.

All of our Blue Headlight Bulbs are made to highly monitored European standards so you can have peace of mind that you are using only the best products for your car.

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Blue Headlight Bulbs