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Car Bulb Xenon Headlights - Why Upgrade?

There are two main reasons to upgrade, Safety and Style.

A) Safety

With drivers spending more time on the road at night than ever before, where poor visability conditions make driving a dangerous experience, Car Bulb Xenon Headlights have never been so important.

Car Bulb Xenon Headlights Before Example

Example of greater light cast by Car Bulb Xenon Headlights

Good vision is a vital factor in reducing the number of accidents at night or in poor visibility. Car Bulb Xenon Headlights such as Osram's Silverstar, Philips Power2Night, Bosch Performance and Classic Power White bulbs improve your vision by up to 20m (5 car lengths), with up to 50% more light on the road. The result is a greater reaction time to deal with any dangerous situations. The performance of your headlights could very well mean the difference between stopping in time and being involved in a serious accident!

Car Bulb Xenon Headlights Before Picture

More natural 'Daylight' light cast by Car Bulb Xenon Headlights

The brilliant white light produced by upgrade headlights reduces driver fatigue because it mimics the effect of daylight driving conditions, so not only do you see further. Tiredness is a major cause of road traffic accidents.

B) Style

Car Bulb Xenon Headlights are fast becoming a major feature in vehicle design, the addition of high performance bulbs will further enhance and personalise the look of your car making it stand out from the crowd.

Super White and Blue bulbs allow you to personalise your car and make the lighting resemble the expensive HID lighting fitted to executive and performance cars. As well as the change of colour, the bulbs are also are brighter making your car stand out even more.

Note: some competitors use blue coating on their bulbs to mimic the effect of our bulbs, this practice seriously reduces light, all the bulbs sold on our site are manufactured to the highest possible standards to give you a stylish finish at an excellent price.

Car Bulb Xenon Headlights Before .................Car Bulb Xenon Headlights After

Changing your Car Bulb Xenon Headlights takes only minutes, and in return will give you increased safety and an enhanced look to your car.


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